CNC Punching Services

CNC Turret Punching with Laser Cutting

Our Amada Acies 2515T combination CNC Turret Punch with Laser cutting offers reduced processing times and quick turnaround for parts requiring lots of holes, perforating, or tapping.  Punching allows us to form louvers, bend short flanges, form progressive ribs, emboss, countersink, and coin holes. 

High Precision CNC Turret Punching with Laser Cutting Equipment

Combining Punching and Laser cutting processes in the same machine reduces processing cycle times and part cost. The punching, laser cutting and automation features of the Acies 2515T  provides unmatched productivity and scratch-free processing of complex sheet metal parts.  The machine is equipped with an automated multi-shelf storage tower with shelves for both raw material and completed parts.  The automation provides for off-hours of unmanned operation during times of peak demand.

 Additional processes include etching, part marking, perforating, forming, coining, countersinking, embossing, extruding, and tapping of precision sheet metal parts.  With hole punching speeds of up to 400 holes per minute, it is much faster to punch holes than to laser cut.  The Amada Acies includes a 300-station tool changer - eliminating setup times when changing from one part to the next.  This all adds up to faster throughput and less expensive parts.

Turret Punching Capabilities

Material thickness ranges from 22GA - 1/4" plate with a maximum part size of 60" x 120".

  • 60" x 120" Maximum Part Size
  • Laser Cutting Capacity - 4,000 Watts
  • Laser Cutting 22GA - ¼” Maximum Thickness
  • Punching Capacity 33 Tons
  • Punching 22GA - ¼” Maximum Thickness
  • Punching Maximum Hole Size by material thickness
  • 4.500" Dia. x 13GA 
  • 3.500" Dia. x 11GA
  • 3.000" Dia. x 10GA
  • 2.250" Dia. x 3/16"
  • 1.625" Dia. x 1/4"
  • Tapping up to 1/4"-20
  • Perforating - Guards, Panels, Partitions, Enclosures, Screens, and Sheets
  • Forming – Louvers, Etching, Extruding, Embossing, Countersinking, Coining, Stiffening Ribs
  • Raw Material/Finished Part Storage 6 Shelf Tower - 4,000 Lbs. per Shelf
  • Automated part loading, unloading, and stacking

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Since 1966, Andersen Industries has been using hands-on engineering and innovative engineering solutions to create, design and build high-quality, long-lasting products for our customers. Over the years, our company has become a premium quality metal fabricator of precision metal products with unmatched quality. When you work with us, you can expect precision, professionalism, and timeliness throughout each stage of the process. Our modern, well-equipped 110,000 square foot manufacturing facility in Southern California offers a single source, one-stop-shop solution for our three major divisions of Custom Trailer Manufacturing, Precision Metal Fabrication, Machining and Welding and Welding Systems. Our strategic supply network ensures we source the highest-grade metals available, and we offer delivery options on most of our products

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