WeldPro 360 Mig Welding Booms and Arms

Industrial Mig Welding Booms & Arms Increase Your Welding Productivity

Andersen Industries, Inc. developed WELDPRO 360 Mig Welding Booms and Arms to reduce or eliminate non-arc time welding-related activities, shop floor clutter, and safety issues for employees.  Our advanced industrial welding system offers Total Coverage of the welding area helping you achieve productivity gains of up to 30% or more.

  • No Dead Zones
  • No Dragging the Welder Around
  • No Tangled or Cut Cables
  • No Clutter on the Shop Floor
  • Increased Safety
  • Increased Productivity

Welding Boom Design Features

WeldPro 360 Industrial Mig Welding Booms and Arms are designed around the concept of placing all welding-related equipment on the boom structure, allowing for untethered rotation.  This design eliminates dead zones and shop floor clutter. No more wasted time spent dragging the welder around and dealing with tangled or cut cables. Safety is improved, and productivity soars!


There are two boom arms, a primary boom arm, and a secondary arm.  A double-articulated joint arrangement connects the primary and secondary arms.  It is this double-articulated joint that allows the operator pendant to fold back toward the base, eliminating any welding dead zones common to other designs.  All welding equipment: the welding power supply, wire feeder, welder and wire feeder settings, inert gas, welding wire, weld boom controls, and fume extraction system are mounted on the boom column or arms.  Mounting all the equipment on the boom allows the MIG weld boom to rotate 360 degrees-that's right, it keeps on going-providing complete welding access and coverage anywhere within a 56 Foot [17 Meter] circular area.

There are No dead zones; No wasted time spent dragging the welder around; No tangled or cut cables; and No clutter on the shop floor.  Safety is improved and productivity soars!

Remote-capable Wire Feeders

The key to any machine tool is the Operator Interface.  All WELDPRO 360 models place the Wire Feeder at the end of the welding arm within quick, easy reach of the welding operator.  Using remote-capable wire feeders with WELDPRO 360 Mig Welding Booms and Arms allow operators to make weld setting adjustments without walking back and forth to the welding power supply.  You enter weld settings for various materials, thicknesses and welding positions with the simple push of a button or turn of a dial.  Once set, lock it into memory, the system retains the weld parameters and settings entered. The result is repeatable welds and improved consistency and quality, regardless of who does the job.  This time-saving benefit increases productivity, weld consistency, and quality and ensures weld procedures are followed. 


WELDPRO 360 Industrial Mig Welding Equipment Models

 Andersen Industries, Inc. manufactures the WELDPRO 360 industrial MIG Booms and Arms in several models and configurations to handle different welding applications. Choose a model below or download our product catalogs for additional details and technical specifications.

WELDPRO 360-LRW-18 Limited Rotation 18' Mig Welding Arm

The WELDPRO 360-LRW-18 pivot assembly mounts to an existing building wall, support column, or optional mobile base and column assembly. This MIG welder has a maximum of 192° of semi-circular rotation, providing complete coverage within a 56' diameter semi-circular area when using a 15' MIG welding gun.

The secondary arm provides a full 360 degrees of circular rotation plus 5'-6" (1.67M) of vertical raising and lowering of the wire feeder using a wireless remote-controlled hydraulic system.


WELDPRO 360-LRW-10ML Limited Rotation 10' Manual Mig Welding Arm

The WELDPRO 360-LRW-10ML pivot assembly mounts to an existing building wall, support column, or optional mobile base and column assembly.  The WELDPRO 360-LRW-10ML has a maximum of 192° of semi-circular rotation to provide complete coverage within a 40' diameter semi-circular area using a 15' MIG welding gun. 

The secondary arm manually raises and lowers the wire feeder up to 7’-8” (2.34M).




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