Experience, Resources, Capacity and Passion for Metal Fabrication

Andersen Industries is a fabricator/manufacturer with a modern well equipped 110,000 square foot manufacturing facility located in Southern California.

We've been in the fabrication business since 1966. The company started as welding repair shop, fabricating corrugated pipe fittings, and grating along with heavy equipment repair. Over the years the company has become a premium quality metal fabricator of precision metal products, manufacturer of specialty welding equipment and trailers for specialized hauling applications.

Today we are a company of innovators, engineers and craftsmen with a passion for designing and building heavy-duty high-quality, long-lasting products.  Products that improve the performance, image, and profitability of our customers.

Our operations are conducted through three divisions: Custom Trailer Manufacturing, Precision Metal Fabrication, Machining and Welding and Welding Systems.

The Andersen Trailer division designs, engineers, manufactures and markets dump, tag, flatbed, tilt deck, roll-back, sliding axle, drop deck and semi trailers as well as related products and accessories for construction, rental, over-the-road, off-road, specialty and military applications. The Andersen Super Duty Trailer line is engineered with a super duty, built-to-last design that offers increased durability and utility for heavy use in tough, demanding applications.

The Welding Systems division designs, engineers and manufactures the WELDPRO 360 line of Mig Welding Booms, Arms and Systems.  They are designed to minimize non-arc time activities. They provide a significant increase in operator productivity, by placing all welding and Mig Boom/Arm controls within arm’s reach of the operator.

The Fabrication, Machining and Welding division provides complete design, engineering and precision metal fabrication and manufacturing services. Some of the markets we serve include; transportation, aerospace, automotive aftermarket, refrigeration, food service, process equipment, construction equipment, oil & gas, power generation, heavy industrial, specialty equipment and military equipment. We cut, bend, form, roll, fabricate, weld, machine, paint and assemble components, products and weldments from carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum. In other words, we offer one reliable source for all your fabrication, machining and welding needs.

OEM products include Brackets, Cabinets, Channels, Clips, Consoles, Containers, Enclosures, Frames, Panels, Tanks, Hoppers, Towers, Weldments, Chassis, Boxes, Power Equipment Centers, Generator Enclosures, Compressor Enclosures, Power Equipment Centers, Operator Centers, Skids, Stationary & Mobile Command Centers, Control Centers, Shipping Racks, Storage Racks, Shipping Containers, Platforms, Jigs, Machining Fixtures, Welding Fixtures, Welding Positioners.

Andersen Industries has the facilities, equipment, experience and people coupled with the desire and passion to design, engineer and manufacture high-quality, long-lasting components, products and equipment.

We provide products and services that improve our customers productivity, image and profitability.