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Andersen Industries is a distinguished fabricator and manufacturer with a state-of-the-art 110,000 square foot manufacturing facility situated in Southern California. With a history dating back to 1966, our journey began as a welding repair shop specializing in the fabrication of corrugated pipe fittings, grating, and heavy equipment repair. Over the decades, our commitment to excellence and innovation has transformed us into a premium-quality metal fabricator of precision metal products, a manufacturer of specialty welding equipment.

Today, Andersen Industries stands as a company driven by a team of innovators, engineers, and skilled craftsmen who share a profound passion for designing and crafting heavy-duty, high-quality, and long-lasting products. Our mission revolves around creating solutions that enhance the performance, image, and profitability of our valued customers.

Manufacturing Services

At Andersen Industries, we offer a comprehensive suite of manufacturing services, and our single-source metal manufacturing facilities are geared to provide high-quality metal parts, products, and equipment for a wide range of clients, including contractors, equipment manufacturers, machine builders, and OEMs. We take pride in being leaders in the realm of innovative, cost-effective fabrication, machining, welding, and additional manufacturing services.

What sets us apart is our ability to seamlessly take a component from the design phase to full-scale production, all within our cutting-edge 110,000 square foot facility. This streamlined approach enables us to offer quick turnaround times without compromising on quality for all our manufactured components. Our extensive experience, top-notch equipment, and versatile facilities empower us to create complex components using a variety of metals and alloys across diverse industries.

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Powder Coating Services 

Powder coating services and wet spray painting are surface finishing methods that protect metal fabricated components and assemblies. We offer powder coating and wet spray services on parts as large as 60 feet. Powder coating is performed before assembly to help ensure coverage in hidden component or assembly areas. We prep all metal parts with an iron phosphate chemical etch, rinse and sealer. This provides a tight bond on components for improved quality and performance. We have experience providing powder coating and wet spray painting services across multiple industries.

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Metal Fabrication Services

Metal fabrication services can include sheet metal fabrication, plate and structural fabrication and additional processes that are utilized in order to form simple to complex parts. While some shops only involve one or two manufacturing processes, Andersen Industries has a comprehensive suite of job shop and contract manufacturing services, including but not limited to:

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Andersen Industries is a California-based contract manufacturer with a reputation for quality.  We offer quick turnaround on contract manufacturing in the Los Angeles metro area and can deliver to your facility.  Our team prides itself on manufacturing products that improve your performance, image, and profitability.  Submit a quote request for your contract fabrication project or call 760-246-8766 to discuss your project requirements.