WeldPro 360 LRW 18P Mig Welding Arms

WELDPRO 360-LRW-18P Mig Welding Arms reduce or eliminate non-arc time welding-related tasks, shop floor clutter, and employees safety issues. They provide complete coverage anywhere with-in a 56' diameter semi-circlular welding zone. The welding arm's main pivot assembly mounts to your existing building column, freestanding column or the optional mobile base and column assembly.

There are two boom arms, a primary and secondary. The primary arm is connected to the main pivot assembly 

WELDPRO 360LRW-18P Main Pivot Assembly

which provides a maximum of 192° of semi-circle rotation on a horizontal plane.


Double-Articulated Joint Assembly

The primary and secondary arms are each connected to a double-articulated joint assembly.

This joint is unique to the WELDPRO 360 LRW-18P

WELDPRO 360 LRW-18P articulating joint

 allowing the secondary arm to rotate 360° horizontally.

What's the difference between the WELDPRO 360 LRW-18P and the WELDPRO 360 LRW-18

Unlike the 360 LRW-18, the 360 LRW-18P does not raise and lower the secondary arm. Eliminating that fuction enables the 360 LRW-18P to use a simpler, less expensive double-articulating joint assembly. to connect the primary and secondary arms. THe WELDPRO 360 LRW-18P's double-articulating jpint assembly still provides a full 360 degrees of rotation for the secondary arm on a horizontal plane. Eliminating the raising and lowering capability; removed hydraulic, pneumatic and electrical components offering a cost-effective choice for shops that don't have a need to raise or lower the secondary arm.

Boom control only requires 90 PSI of compressed air and a 20-amp 120V circuit for locking and unlocking the rotation of the primary arm.

The Wire Feeder is mounted on a pendant at the end of the secondary arm.

We recommend wire feeders that are

 Wire feeder mounted on WELDPRO 360 LRW-18P Pendant

capable of controlling the power supply remotely. Boom/Arm controls are placed within arm's reach of the operator increasing their productivity and safety.

WELDPRO 360 LRW-18P with Weldment



WELDPRO 360 LRW-18P brochure

WELDPRO 360 LRW-18P Brochure

WELDPRO 360-LRW-18P Standard Features include:

  • 192° of primary arm bi-directional rotation
  • 360° of secondary arm bi-directional rotation
  • Boom Arm Reach 36' diameter
  • Welding Reach with a 15' Mig gun - Anywhere with a 56' diameter semi-circle
  • Double Articulated Boom - Eliminates dead zones
  • Wire Liner Conduit for .035-.065 Wire
  • UL Listed Electrical Components
  • Powder Coated Finish


WELDPRO 360-LRW-18P Options include:

  • 425090 Integrated Fume Extraction Systems that move with the welding arm.
  • Fume Extraction Guns – Air or Water Cooled
  • 423314 Welding Wire Enclosures for 44 or 60 Lb spools – keeps dust and dirt out of wire.
  • 423568 Floor Mounted Columns - with 8' or 10' Height under Welding Arm clearance

423853 MOBILE BASE, WP360-LRW - 58" SQ x 119" H - includes:

    423134 WLD, Mobile Base
    422934 WLD 8' Column
    422961 ASM, Gas Cylinder Mount