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WeldPro 360LRW-10ML Mig Weld Arm - Shown with optional Mobile Base

WeldPro 360LRW-10ML Mig Weld Arm - Shown with optional Mobile Base

WeldPro 360LRW-10ML Mig Weld Arm - Shown with optional Mobile Base

WeldPro 360LRW-10ML Mig Weld Arm - Shown with optional Mobile BaseWeldPro 360-LRW-10ML - Structural Steel Fabricator

Industrial Welding Wire Enclosure



WeldPro 360-LRW-10ML

The WELDPRO 360-LRW-10ML Mig Weld Manual Arm is mounted to your existing building support columns, or the optional mobile base and column assembly. 

The WELDPRO 360-LRW-10-ML Design

The design is built around the concept of placing the wire feeder with remote welder access capability at the end of the welding arm.  This puts the wire feeder within easy reach of the operator saving time by eliminating the need to walk back and forth to the power supply to make weld setting changes and adjustments.

The WELDPRO 360-LRW-10-ML comes with two arms; a primary arm and a secondary arm.  The primary arm is the short arm it is attached to the column-mounted pivot assembly.  The pivot assembly has a maximum of 192° of semi-circular rotation. This provides complete coverage within a 40' diameter semi-circle when using a 15' Mig welding gun.  

Part of the innovative WeldPro line, this model comes with a unique articulating joint assembly.  It connects both primary and secondary arms and allows the operator to manually raise and lower the secondary arm up to 7'-8".  This gives you an overall vertical reach of 21'-6" when raised to the top setting when installed with a standard mounting height of 8' above the floor.  Arm rotation for the primary arm and the raising and lowering of the secondary arm is done manually.

The WELDPRO 360-LRW-10ML is designed so that the customer can install their wire feeder and power supply of choice.

The sleek design of the WELDPRO 360-LRW-10ML makes for a clean, organized welding cell by providing containment of hoses, cables for gas, power cables, and the wire feeder within the tubular welding arms. No more dangling cables or cords hanging from the arm or laying on the shop floor.  Shop floor clutter is eliminated, employee safety, motivation, and productivity are increased.

WELDPRO 360-LRW-10ML - Productivity Advantages

  • Controls are within arms reach of the operator for Welder and Wire Feeder settings and Arm rotation and height adjustment
  • Reduced time spent on non-welding activities
  • Clean, organized welding cell eliminates shop floor clutter
  • Increased operator safety, motivation, and productivity

  Standard Features include:

  • 192 degrees of bi-directional rotation
  • Boom Reach - Anywhere within a 20' diameter semi-circle
  • Welding Reach - Anywhere with a 40' diameter semi-circle with 15' Mig gun
  • Secondary Arm raises and lowers a total of 7'-8"
  • There are 4 preset vertical positions for raising and lowering the Secondary Arm - Position 1 - 58" down, Position 2 - 32" down, Position 3 - level with primary arm, Position 4 - 36" up
  • Maximum vertical reach 21'-6" with 15' Mig Gun
  • Rotation of the Primary Arm and raising and lowering of the Secondary Arm is done manually
  • Double Articulated Boom - Eliminates dead zones
  • Conduit, .035-.065 Wire Liner
  • Powder Coated Finish

Options include:

    • Andersen supplied welding equipment
    • 425090 Integrated Fume Extraction Systems that move with the welding arm.
    • Fume Extraction Guns – Air or Water Cooled
    • 423314 Welding Wire Enclosures for 44 or 60 Lb spools – keeps dust and dirt out of wire.
    • 423568 Floor Mounted Column - 8' Height under Welding Arm
    • 423853 MOBILE BASE, WP360-LRW - 58" SQ x 119" H - includes:

                    423134 WLD, Mobile Base
                    422934 WLD 8' Column
                    422961 ASM, Gas Cylinder Mount
    Not Included - (12) - 2" x 6" x 39.875" HR Flat Bars Required for Counterbalance Weight of 1630 Lbs - to be provided by Customer at time of Installation.