Product Gallery

Andersen Industries has the facilities, equipment, experience and people coupled with the desire and passion to design, engineer and manufacture high-quality, long-lasting products that improve our customers performance, image and profitability.

We cut, bend, form, roll, fabricate, weld, machine, paint and assemble components, products and weldments from carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

OEM products include Brackets, Cabinets, Channels, Clips, Consoles, Containers, Enclosures, Frames, Panels, Tanks, Hoppers, Weldments, Chassis, Boxes, Power Equipment Centers, Generator Enclosures, Compressor Enclosures, Power Equipment Centers, Operator Centers, Skids, Stationary & Mobile Command Centers, Control Centers, Shipping Racks, Storage Racks, Shipping Containers, and Platforms.