Expert Welding and Fabrication Services

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When you’re searching for a welding expert to supply you with the parts that make your equipment work to its full potential, it helps to have a fabrication partner that you can depend on for high quality, on-time delivery, and reliability. From quality manufactured components to new innovations to working with critical demand schedules, Andersen Industries gives you a turnkey solution for your custom and OEM welding needs.

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Welding And Fabrication Equipment

Mig And Tig Welding Equipment and Precision Welding Tables

Our Mig and Tig welding equipment include Advanced Process Welders and system controls mounted on our state-of-the-art WeldPro 360 Mig Welding Booms. Andersen Industries developed the Booms to increase productivity and efficiency on large weldments. 


Welding Processes

Our welding processes include; GMAW - Gas Metal Arc Welding (Mig), GTAW - Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (Tig or Heli-Arc), SMAW - Shielded Metal Arc Welding (Arc), and Resistance Spot Welding.  Our welders are certified to AWS D1.1 and AWS D2.1.   

Advanced Welding Equipment Capabilities

WELDPRO 360 Mig Welding Booms and Arms Advantages

WELDPRO 360 Mig Welding Booms have reduced non-arc time welding tasks and increased the area of coverage within the welding zone.  They increase welding productivity and shop safety.

Demmeler 3D Precision Welding Tables Advantages

We use Demmeler 3D precision welding tables and clamping systems from Bluco Corporation. The tables, combined with their 3D Clamping system make it quick and easy to fixture parts for low-volume/high-mix fabrication and production. The table's 5-sided construction provides a high degree of dimensional accuracy. They hold parts precisely for tacking and welding, enabling us to maintain tight tolerances even on large weldments.    

Welding and Fabrication Materials Used

Our welding department has extensive experience with a wide variety of materials. 

  • Cold Roll
  • Hot Roll P&O
  • Hot Roll A36
  • A572
  • A656
  • A514
  • 304, and 316 Stainless
  • 3003, 5052, 6061, 6063 Aluminum 

Welding and Fabrication Applications Across Multiple Industries

Manufacturers, Machine shops, Fabricators, OEMs, and Contractors across a broad range of markets trust our welding and fabrication services for their fabrication and manufacturing requirements.

Brackets Hoppers Fixtures
Frames Platforms Racks
Skids Housings Consoles
Containers Pallets Command Centers
Enclosures Machine Bases Tanks
Machine Storage Tanks Structures

Why Choose Andersen for Welding Solutions

Since 1966, Andersen Industries has provided fabrication, welding, and precision machining services to manufacturers, machine and equipment builders, and contractors in California, Arizona, and Nevada. We utilize Large state-of-the-art facilities is equipped with large machines, and seasoned craftsmen to provide our customers with the assurance and dependability they can count on.

As a single source for engineering and manufacturing, we fabricate, weld, machine, powder coat, and assemble your parts from a single location. This means that we can develop a thorough understanding of each component as we work from prototyping to production. Our engineers and shop personnel work closely during every step of the process to ensure each part or weldment is monitored and inspected to meet your specifications and requirements. Working with a local, full-service fabricator, contract manufacturer also means faster turnaround and delivery.[BR1] 

Your Single-Source for Custom Welding and Fabrication Services 

Manufacturers, Machine shops, Fabricators, OEMs, and Contractors across a broad range of markets trust our welding and fabrication services for their fabrication and manufacturing requirements.

Our diverse capabilities allow us to be your single-source fabricator and manufacturer of complex fabrications, precision machined components, and assemblies. Visit our photo gallery to learn more.