Powder Coating and Wet Spray Painting Services

We offer wet spray and powder coating processes, so whether your parts are large or small, wet sprayed or powder coated, we've got you covered.

Powder Coating and Wet Spray Processes for Metal Parts

The finishing process begins in our 60-foot wash bay, where all metal parts are prepped for paint. We employ a multi-stage cleaning and iron phosphate chemical etch, rinse, and sealer process to ensure a tight bond for the finish coating. To guarantee complete coverage, especially in hidden areas, we typically coat all bolt-together components before assembly. This not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also provides increased protection against corrosion-causing elements. 

  • Powder Coating for Items Smaller Than 20 Feet: We specialize in powder coating for smaller items, ensuring a durable and visually appealing finish. 
  • Wet Spray for Larger Parts Up to 60 Feet: Larger parts, up to 60 feet in size, undergo our precise wet spray process, delivering a high-quality finish.

Industrial Coating Capabilities

Our state-of-the-art coating booths provide a well-lit and filtered paint application environment. Combined with skilled painters, this allows us to deliver an exceptionally high-quality, durable finish that will improve your image.

Powder Coating Dimensions

  • Powder Coating 8' x 8' x 24'
  • Paint Booth 16' x 16' x 61'
  • Five Stage Wash Bay 16' x 61'

Utility Tilt Deck Trailer Andersen Step Deck Trailer Powder Coating Platform Weldment Powder Coated Isolation Frame Powder Coated VSA Chamber

Why Choose Andersen Industries for Power Coating and Wet Spray Painting 

Chose Andersen Industries for fabrication, precision powder coating, and more since 1966.  Serving California, Arizona, and Nevada, we offer large facilities, machines, and experienced craftsmen for dependable services.  As your single source for engineering and manufacturing, we handle fabrication, welding, machining, powder coating, and assembly in one location. This means that we can develop a thorough understanding of each component as we work from prototyping to production. Our close collaboration between engineers and manufacturers ensures high standards from prototyping to production, with fastener turnaround and delivery as a local, Working with a local, full-service contract manufacturer.  

Contact Us for Wet Spray and Powder Coating Services

Whether you require wet spray or powder coating services, Andersen Industries is here to assist you. Feel free to submit a quote request for your next painting project, or contact us directly to discuss your project requirements.  Our team is committed to delivering top-notch finishing solutions that enhance the quality and durability of your products.