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Industrial Plate Rolling

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Large Metal Pallets made from A500 Grade B rectangle and square tubing

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Plate Rolling Services

Roccia 4 Roll Power Roll

Andersen Industries provides plate rolling services and products in carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum ranging from 10GA to 1/2”, and up to 8’-6” wide.  With our 4 roll Roccia Power roll we roll high-quality sheet and plate parts for OEM's and construction projects.

 8' x 1/2" Maximum Plate Capacity

 Industrial Roccia Power Roll

Tauring Delta 60 CNC Angle Roll

We provide angle bending and rolling services and products for OEMs and the construction industry.  Our Tauring Delta 60 CNC angle roll allows us to provide the latest in rolling and bending capabilities for Angle, Bar, Tube and Pipe.

  • Angle Leg-Out - 3.5" x 5/16" Min. Dia. 48"
  • Angle Leg-In - 3.5" x 5/16" Min. Dia. 56"
  • Flat Bar Easy Way - 1.25" x 6" Min. Dia. 32"
  • Flat Bar Hard Way - .75" x 4" Min. Dia. 60"
  • Tube Round - 4" x .120 Wall Min. Dia. 48"
  • Tube Square - 3" x .120 Wall Min. Dia. 48"
  • Tube Square - 3.5" x .120 Wall Min. Dia. 80"