CNC Metal Turning Services for Precise Machining Needs

Whether your machining needs are small or large, simple or complex, Andersen Industries has the people, equipment and experience to meet your timeline.

Precision CNC Turning Services

CNC Mori Lathe with Bar Feeder

At Andersen Industries, we offer a comprehensive range of precision CNC turning services to fulfill various machining requirements. Our advanced CNC lathes, equipped with both 2-axis and 5-axis capabilities, enable us to deliver high-quality components with tight tolerances.

In-House Fixture Design and Build

Our skilled engineers provide in-house fixture design and build services, ensuring optimal stability and accuracy during the CNC turning process. This meticulous attention to detail guarantees the best possible results for your projects.

From Prototypes to Production

Whether you need prototypes for initial testing or full-scale production runs, our CNC turning services have you covered. Our efficient processes and state-of-the-art machinery allow us to seamlessly transition from prototyping to mass production without compromising on quality.

Diverse Range of Components

From weldments and castings to forgings and parts made from various materials, our CNC turning expertise extends to a wide array of components. We handle all types of materials with precision and efficiency.

Flexible Quantities to Match Your Needs

Andersen Industries understands that production requirements can vary. That's why we offer flexible production quantities to cater to your specific needs. Whether you need a small batch or a larger production run, we're here to deliver.

Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities and how our team can manage the production of your metal parts.

Cutting-Edge CNC Turning Machines 

Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our state-of-the-art CNC turning machines. We operate a range of high-performance machines to ensure top-tier results for your projects.

Mazak QT-25 CNC Lathe

  • Max Turning Dia. 20"
  • Max. Turning Length 39"
  • 3.15" Spindle Bore
  • 10" Chuck
  • Turret 12 Stations
  •  Programmable Tail Stock

Haas ST-40 CNC Lathe

  • Max Turning Dia. 25"
  • Max. Turning Length 44"
  • 4.6" Spindle Bore
  • 15" Chuck
  • Turret 12 Stations
  •  Programmable Tail Stock
  •  1000 PSI High-Pressure Coolant

5-Axis Milling Equipment

5 Axis Mill Turn Lathe - DMG Mori Seiki NTX 2000/1500SZM

The NXT machine features all-around machining for components with complex geometries, from micro-fine machining to the machining of large work pieces. The DMG Mori Seiki NTX 2000/1500SZM offers a super-high pressure interface and high torque spindles. The high torque spindles with 8” quick change chucks and workpiece unloader allow for high volume jobs. The DMG Mori Seiki NTX 2000/1500SZM features Capto Tool Holders and a Max. Turning Length of 60”.

DMG Mori Seiki NTX 2000/1500SZM Specifications

  • Max. Turning Dia. 25" Upper Turret (B Axis)
  • Max. Turning Dia. 10.7" Lower Turret
  • Max. Turning Length 60"
  • Dual Spindles with 8" Quick Change Chucks
  • Capto Tool Holders
  • Upper Turret (B Axis) - 76 Station Tool Changer
  • Upper Turret (B Axis) +/- 120° Rotation
  • Lower Turret - 10 Tool Stations with Live Tooling Capability

Contact Us for Expert CNC Turning

Andersen Industries is the right choice for all your manufacturing needs. As a full-service shop, we offer everything from CNC machining to CNC metal fabrication, welding, painting, and assembly. You can trust us to get the job done right and in the timeline you need. Contact us to discuss your requirements with our CNC turning experts.