WeldPro 360 - Mig Welding System



Manufactured by Andersen Industries, the WeldPro 360 Mig Welding Boom is part of an advanced welding system that offers Total Coverage of the welding area. This unique weld center includes a Base Mounted Pivot that provides Unlimited Rotation - beyond 360 degrees.  It also includes Double Articulating Boom Arms to reach back to the base to eliminate any dead zones.   This allows complete welding access anywhere within a 56 foot [17.06 meter] diameter (2,463 square feet) area. The system also includes a control pendant mounted at the end of the boom arm. The pendant is placed within arms reach of the operator providing them with access to all controls, enabling quick and easy adjustments to Weld Boom rotation,Welder amperage and Wire Feeder settings. The optional Boom mounted Fume Extraction system and Welding Gun reduces welding smoke and fumes at the source.  

This Advanced Mig Welding Center and Boom is a complete system designed to eliminate wasted motion, time and shop floor clutter.  It provides fingertip accessibility to the weld operator of all welding equipment, controls, support tools and clean air.  This leads to significant gains of 15-30% in Arc-On time. Further gains due to better operator positioning, comfort and safety makes for healthier and happier employees. Weld integrity, consistency and appearance improve adding to your products reliability and craftsmanship. Throughput is quicker shortening lead time and productivity is increased.


WELDPRO 360 Advanced Mig Welding Systems   https://youtu.be/os-hDEvSzVk

WELDPRO 360 Increases Productivity by 30%   https://youtu.be/qs7H38iYXds

WELDPRO 360 Clean Air Fume Extraction System   https://youtu.be/dLjDYro_qAs

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Double Articulated Boom -

Double Articulation (primary and secondary arms) allows for total area coverage of the arc swing with no "dead zones" (areas where welding cannot be performed due to lack of reach). Competitive products are only single articulated and cover a "donut" shaped area leaving the center of the "donut" in-accessible.

Base Mounted Pivot -

Base of the Boom incorporates a floor mounted bearing, which allows for rotating the entire boom and all welding related apparatus.

All Welding Equipment (welder, wire feeder, wire - drum or reel and gas) mounted on rotating portion of boom. 

This saves floor space and places all necessary items at fingertip reach and allows un-tethered, unrestricted, rotation of the welding boom to a full 360 degrees and beyond.

Advanced System Controls -  

All Process Controls are housed in an operator pendant control panel, mounted to the end of the rotating boom arm. This operator pendant is a key component to the  control and operation of the system; it houses all welding and boom controls.  It also includes air and electrical outlets for the operation of power tools. Also available is an optional Tool tray. This places all weld controls, boom rotation, and fume extraction within arms reach of the weld operator.  Where he goes, the controls go.  This fingertip accessibility to the controls is a significant time saver and makes it quick and easy for the operator to make adjustments for weld settings and boom position. 

Welding Wire Supply -     

 250-1,000 Lb. Single Drum
 250-1,000 Lb. Dual Drums
 30-60 Lb. Single/Dual Spools

Mounting the wire supply on the boom base eliminates wire feeding problems and the waste of time spent fixing them.  Because it rotates with the base there is No twisting, binding or sticking of the welding wire; No excessive wearing out of the welding wire conduit liner.  Enclosing the wire supply and having a continuous conduit from the spool or drum to the wire feeder, keeps it clean eliminating feeding and drive roll problems.


Shielding Gas Supply -

Single Cylinder Mounted on Boom






Remote Bulk Gas Distribution

When gases are used in significant volumes having a centralized delivery system reduces costs, increases productivity and safety.

Having bulk gas distribution with all cylinders in one location streamlines cylinder handling and reduces the frequency and down time associated with cylinder change-outs.


       WELDPRO Clean Air Fume Extraction System - Reduces Welding Smoke at the Source

Optional Integrated WELDPRO Clean Air Fume Extraction System - The Boom Mounted self-contained fume extraction system and welding gun moves with the operator. Fume extraction occurs at the weld gun and happens in concert with the rotation of the boom. The Bernard gun is closely matched in weight, handle size, durability and performance of regular guns; the fume extraction gun was built with welder comfort and productivity in mind. Mounting the WELDPRO Clean Air Fume Extraction System to the weld boom column eliminates the need to drag the fume extractor into position each time the weld operator moves to a new location. This provides the operator with maximum protection and safety and enables them to focus on quality and productivity.

Fume Extraction Guns

Weld fumes are captured at the front of the gun via the chrome-plated vacuum chamber, suctioned through the gun handle and into the hose connected to the WELDPRO 360 Clean Air Fume Extraction System.

Bernard FILTAIR Fume Extraction Mig Guns


  • Available in 300 and 400 amp models
  • Small size of vacuum chamber provides good joint access and visibility
  • Vacuum control on front of handle allows balance of suction with shielding gas flow to protect against porosity
  • Works with solid and flux-core wires


Bernard CLEAN AIR Fume Extraction Mig Guns


  • Available in 400, 500 and 600 amp models with 45-degree or 60-degree neck
  • Small size of vacuum chamber provides good joint access and visibility
  • Vacuum hose swivel on rear of handle improves flexibility and reduces wrist fatigue
  • Vacuum chamber on front adjusts to one of four positions to optimize fume capture, gas flow and weld access
  • Works with solid and flux-core wires


       Welding with Fume Extraction On                          Not using Fume Extraction

Fume Extraction is On No Fume Extraction