WeldPro 360 Options

Options include:

  • Andersen supplied Lincoln Power Wave welders
  • Andersen supplied Miller Continuum welders
  • Dual Wire Feeders
  • Enclosures for Welding Wire 
  • Integrated Fume Extraction Systems that move with the rotation of the welding boom.
  • Fume Extraction Guns – Air or Water Cooled
  • Mobile Bases to quickly relocate the boom with a forklift to another location or job in the shop.
  • Touch Screen Computer Monitors on the Operator Pendant to display CAD Drawings, Models, PDFs, Video, or other information to the welding operator for the weldment they are working on.


WELDPRO Clean Air Fume Extraction System

WeldPro 360 Fume Extraction-Twin Arm

The WELDPRO Clean Air Fume Extraction System is integrated with the WELDPRO 360-LRW-18, 360-LRW-18P & 360-LR-10ML Mig Welding Booms 

Every welding job generates fumes and smoke that might be hazardous if inhaled.  During the welding process vapors, floating particles and ultra-fine micro particles contaminate the air the welder breathes as well as the surrounding workspace.

Weld FumesWeld Fumes

The best way to address this issue is to remove the fumes at the source - that is at the origin of the weld. That's easy to say, but not so easy to accomplish. In large weldments and sometimes even on small weldments fume extraction is often difficult to incorporate in a highly productive way.  In many environments, fume extraction actually hinders productivity with lots of time spent repositioning the equipment. 

The WELDPRO Clean Air Fume Extraction System is a Self-Contained Unit Mounted to the Weld Boom

The integrated Clean Air system on the WELDPRO 360 utilizes a Low Volume/Hi-Vacuum system that extracts the fumes and smoke at the gun.  The extraction unit and fume extraction gun move with the operator. 

Fume extraction occurs at the weld gun and happens in concert with the rotation of the boom.  Wherever the gun goes, the fume extraction system goes, anywhere within a 56' diameter circle. Efficient fume extraction is accomplished, with no time wasted on positioning equipment, that many times just ends up being in the way and cluttering up the workspace.  

 WeldPro Clean Air Fume ExtractionWP360-LRFX  Clean Air Fume ExtractionWP360 Clean Air Fume Extraction

Mounting the WELDPRO Clean Air Fume Extraction System to the weld boom column eliminates the need to drag the fume extractor into position each time the welding operator has to reposition themself or move to a new location. This provides the welder with maximum protection and safety.  And it saves time, letting them focus on quality and productivity.

Fume Extraction Guns

Built with operator comfort and productivity in mind, the latest generation of fume extraction guns are lighter and more ergonomic. 

They offer efficient fume and smoke removal at the source without affecting the shielding gas.

Fume Extraction Gun - Abicor Binzel   
  • Available in 300, 400, and 500 amp models with 45-degree or 60-degree neck
  • Small size of vacuum chamber provides good joint access and visibility
  • Vacuum hose swivel on the rear of handle improves flexibility and reduces wrist fatigue
  • Adjustable Vacuum chamber suction to optimize fume capture, gas flow, and weld access
  • Works with solid and flux-core wires

What is the Value of Clean Air?

  • Protects the health and safety of the welder and those working nearby from inhaling fumes
  • Maximum welder protection
  • The welder can focus on quality and productivity
  • Delivers powerful fume extraction at the gun over the full boom rotation
  • No equipment to drag around or reposition
  • All controls located on the control pendant
  • Merv 15 filtration
  • Increased filter life with pulse cleaning


WELDPRO Mobile Base & Column - 360-LRW

The Mobile Base includes the base, column, cylinder mount stand, and location for bulk wire or drums up to 1,000 Lbs.  

  WP 360-LRW Mobile Base


Touch Screen Monitor & Computer


24" Touch Screen Monitor and Computer

  • View documents and files - PDF's, CAD drawings, Video, Photo's, Job Instructions, Routers for components, weldments, and assemblies
  • Enlarge documents for better visibility
  • Eliminates lost or missing drawings or files
  • Always have the latest drawing revision available
  • Data collection terminal