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WeldPro 360-UR


The WELDPRO 360-UR is an Unlimited Rotation Mig Welding Boom.  This unique weld boom includes a Base Mounted Pivot that provides Continuous 360°, Untethered, Bi-directional Rotation, meaning you can go around and around in a circle without having to unwind.  

The Design is Built Around the Concept of Placing All Welding Related Equipment on the Boom Structure

All welding equipment: the welding power supply, wire feeder, welder and wire feeder settings, inert gas, welding wire, weld boom controls and fume extraction system are mounted on the boom column or arms.  Mounting all the equipment on the boom allows the Mig weld boom to rotate 360 degrees-that's right, it keeps on going-providing complete welding access and coverage anywhere within a 56 Foot diameter [17 Meter] area. 

The boom incorporates a vertical support column fastened to a large diameter, base-mounted bearing, (a key component) for smooth and easy rotation of the boom even with multiple 1,000 pound drums or boxes of welding wire.

The continous rotation is made possible through the use of a slip-ring assembly for power distribution and a rotary union for shielding gas and shop air distribution. 

There are two boom arms, a primary arm and a secondary arm.  The primary arm is attached to the vertical base mounted column.  A double-articulated joint arrangement connects the primary and secondary arms.  It is this double-articulated joint which allows the operator pendant, mounted at the end of the secondary arm, to fold back toward the base, eliminating any welding dead zones common to other designs. 

There are No dead zones; No wasted time spent dragging the welder around; No tangled or cut cables; No wire feeding problems; and No clutter on the shop floor.  Safety is improved and productivity soars!

This Advanced Mig Welding Boom is a complete system designed to eliminate wasted motion, time and shop floor clutter. It provides fingertip accessibility to the weld operator of all welding equipment, controls, support tools and clean air. This leads to significant gains of 15-30% in Arc-On time. Further gains due to better operator positioning, comfort and safety makes for healthier and happier employees. Weld integrity, consistency and appearance improve adding to your products reliability and craftsmanship. Throughput is quicker, lead time reduced and productivity increased.

Productivity Advantages

  • All the tools for complete welding operation control
  • Welder and boom rotation controls within arms-reach of the operator
  • Reduces time spent on non-welding activities
  • No welding dead zones
  • Eliminates shop floor clutter
  • Increases part-to-part consistency
  • Increases productivity and welding output
  • Increased safety

The WELDPRO 360-UR is available in both Single Arm 360-UR and Twin Arm 360-URT configurations.

WeldPro 360-UR, 360-URT, 360-LR & 360-LRT Mig Weld Booms include either the Lincoln Power Feed 84 Wire Feeder and Remote Operator Interface or the Miller Continuum Wire Feeder and Remote Operator Interface.  Other power supplys with remote feeder and operator controls may be considered.

Options include:

  • Andersen supplied Lincoln Power Wave welders
  • Andersen supplied Miller Continuum welders
  • Dual Wire Feeders
  • Twin Arm Booms
  • Enclosures for Welding Wire 
  • Integrated Fume Extraction Systems that move with the rotation of the welding boom.
  • Fume Extraction Guns – Air or Water Cooled
  • Mobile Bases to quickly relocate the boom with a forklift to another location or job in the shop.
  • Touch Screen Computer Monitors on the Operator Pendant to display CAD Drawings, Models, PDF’s, Video or other information to the welding operator for the weldment they are working on.